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The One By One Project

The One By One Project

Our mission is to support those who are underserved and at-risk in Greater Boston through partnerships with local non-profits.  When a non-profit partner learns of an urgent need that falls outside their mission, The One By One Project quickly steps in, filling a need that would otherwise fall through the cracks.

1 in 4 Children

in MA will go to bed hungry tonight

1 in 2 Veterans

who are homeless struggle to get care for mental health and substance disorders

1 in 4 Families

have no savings to cover unplanned emergencies

1 in 4 Seniors

don't have enough money

to cover basic needs

Sometimes, life's challenges need to be met



at a time.

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Hear from a Partner

The One By One Project's "Community Stories Series" is a collection of short videos that highlights our local non-profit partners and shares their stories. In this series, partners share their thoughts about the impact of The One By One Project's trust-based giving.


One Story:  Click below to hear firsthand from Kate Barrand, CEO of Horizons For Homeless Children, about the critical funding gap The One By One Project fills daily for families in crisis.

Kate Barrand
Play Video

But this is just one story.

Listen to more firsthand stories from our partners to learn how The One By One Project's funds help to alleviate crises for communities they support.

How it Works:

how it works

Step 1.


A non-profit partner uncovers an urgent and unmet need. For example, let’s say an after-school program works with a family who cannot pay an unexpected medical bill from a hospital.  They'd like to help, but the after-school program's mission does not include help with medical expenses. 

Step 2.


The non-profit partner (the after school program) reaches out to the One By One Project to complete a brief questionnaire, filling in the details of the request for their family in need.

Step 3.


The One By One Project reviews the request - typically within 48 hours or less.  If approved, the funds are paid directly to the service provider (the hospital) to quickly alleviate the family’s urgent need.

the one-off need.

we're here to help.

What We Do

From medical bills to utility payments, from childcare to groceries - the One By One Project is here to help.  Through our non-profit partners, we address pressing needs quickly and seamlessly, (resolving payments directly with the service provider) so struggling families and individuals can get back on their feet.  We are typically able to respond to requests within 48 hours.

what we do

Furniture and Home Essentials



Utility Payments


Medical Bills


Educational Needs


Children's Essentials

 Featured Partners 

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"Life’s persistent and most urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'"

Martin Luther King Jr.

Support Our Mission

By supporting our mission you are making a direct impact on the Greater Boston community.

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