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@TheHeart Giving Circle

Help Fill The Gaps. One By One

Become a founding member of @TheHeart Giving Circle by donating $5,000-$25,000. Every dollar donated goes to a Greater Boston neighbor.

Every $15,000 raised by the @TheHeart Giving Circle in 2024 enables The One By One Project to add a new non-profit partner to our network and help an additional 20 people.

Donate Direct: 

Or donate through a DAF:

But what does a dollar mean? By choosing to join the @TheHeart Giving Circle at one of these levels you help in the following way:

Please consider a multi-year gift to help us to grow our support.



$25,000 keeps 20 families who are facing eviction or foreclosure, housed. Like DJ, a recent widower and single father, who was unable to work while trying to secure childcare for his three girls.



$10,000 keeps the heat on for fifteen families. Like Sam’s family, who received a utility shutoff notice while they grappled with Sam’s recent cancer diagnosis. In reducing work hours to support Sam’s care, the family fell short on their bills.



$5,000 can help pay for car repairs for eight families. Like Maya, a

mother of three. By fixing her 2011 car, Maya could continue

to take her children to early childhood education and attend classes to advance her job prospects.

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