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Partner Spotlight- Fathers' Uplift

This month we are excited to highlight Fathers' Uplift in Dorchester, MA.

We were introduced to the important work of Fathers' Uplift by our partner- Principal Michelle Sanchez at Epiphany School in Dorchester, MA. When we read this statement on the Fathers' Uplift's website, we were immediately drawn to their vision:

"We uplift fathers and strengthen families nationwide through service, love, and encouragement".

We later met Leonard Tshitenge, Director of Coaching Services & Family Interventions at Fathers' Uplift. As we foster our partnership with Leonard and Fathers' Uplift we are moved by their compassion and empathy for the community they support. From mental health counseling, coaching, and advocacy to supplies and food deliveries in the Fathers' Uplift van- we are struck by the deep commitment of Fathers' Uplift to continue to provide crucial support to fathers and families during the challenges of the pandemic.

As our partnership continues to take shape, we work closely with Leonard to support urgent funding gaps for fathers and families within the Fathers' Uplift community. Since partnering, The One By One Project has provided urgent grants to help with critical off-mission needs such as housing costs and cell phone bills for fathers and families. By quickly providing grants for these needs we hope to help fathers to stay safe and to be able to better stay in touch with their children and families.

Leonard told us " The One by One Project provided incredible support to our constituents in their time of need. As we are still navigating Covid-19, resources are essential and we are grateful for our partnership. The One By One Project acted fast and we are beyond grateful for their swift response to support and alleviate distress to our Fathers and families. A world-class organization in my book".

We know there is more to be done. We are grateful for the opportunity to lend support for the critical work that Fathers' Uplift provides.

The one-off need adds up. We are here to help.

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