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A Feel Good Update

Hello Friends of The One By One Project,

In these trying times we could all use an uplifting update in our day. We are reaching out to share a little joy from our recent successes in supporting our local community and to invite your input for an exciting new project.


Share Your Voice

We are embarking on a video project to capture different perspectives and voices of our community of support. Your insights, both as donors and partners, are invaluable. Please help us to collect your perspective by answering: "What motivates you to support The One By One Project?"


Changing Lives, ONE Act of Kindness at a Time:

Your support creates an impact. Here's a recent example of our work in action:

A Single Mother's Determination: Our local non-profit partner works with a single mom to create a plan to help her achieve her goal of securing financial stability and providing her children with a stable permanent home.

The Unexpected Challenge: There is a curveball. Mom's car, vital for work and her children's early childhood education, unexpectedly broke down threatening to undo her progress with the non-profit, as repairing the car was beyond their mission and funding.

The One By One Project- A Missing Puzzle Piece: The One By One Project received a request for help to pay the bill. We swiftly reviewed and approved the request. Within 24 hours, we paid the mechanic's bill for the car repair.

A Ripple Effect of Goodness: With her car fixed, mom regained independence, returned to work, and ensured her children's consistent attendance at school. And, this also boosted job satisfaction among our partner's staff.

The Heart of Our Mission- Trust-Based Giving: This is the essence of The One By One Project – we trust our partners to identify urgent needs on our behalf. We approve and pay the bill within 24-48 hours, igniting a chain reaction of positive change.


Our Impact in Numbers:

The One By One Project

Year One (2021): We signed trust-based contracts with 30 local Greater Boston partners and filled 170 requests for funds.

Year Two (2022): We expanded to 44 organizations, responding to 262 fund requests and distributing over $160,000.

Our Journey Continues (2023): Our growth continues, and demand is high. The One By One Project currently collaborates with 45 contracted partners and has distributed over $380,000 across 645 total requests.

Our top fundraising goal is to raise funds to open our partnership waitlist, enabling us to extend our support to more individuals and families.


How You Can Make a Difference:

Share Your Voice Help us to answer this question for our upcoming video: "What motivates you to support The One By One Project?"

Donate Today 100% of donated funds go directly back into the Greater Boston community. No donor funds are used for overhead expenses.


We are so grateful for this generous community of friends, supporters, and partners. Thank you for being a part of our mission.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Pam and Steve Rosenberg


The One By One Project

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