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A Tribute to Our Partners

It has been a busy start for The One By One Project. We are so thankful to our Greater Boston non-profit partners for all of your support and for so generously sharing your wisdom as we launched The One By One Project.

In our first 12 weeks of operation we filled 44 grant requests. For all complete requests, our turnaround time has been 24 hours from initial request to approval and payment processing. Please read on for an update on our work and to learn more about how we will evolve our support for your urgent, off-mission, funding needs.

Our partnership program is growing! To date, we have 15 non-profit partners and more in the works. Please click below for a current list of our dedicated partners. Stay tuned for additional partnership announcements via our blog.

As we grow, we plan to connect with each of our partners on a quarterly basis with a quick 30-45 minute check-in. The goal of the check-in will be to continue to evolve how we can most effectively support your off-mission funding needs.

Topics for our discussion could include: What's working well? What can we do better? What are your biggest off-mission funding needs/trends? How we can help to increase awareness about The One By One Project across the appropriate teams within your organization? In turn, we will also provide a quarterly recap of our work together. The recap will include total dollars funded, total grants, grant types, and trends. Dreaming big- we imagine a time where we will bring snacks and meet in person (but Zoom with snacks works too).

We would love to hear your feedback about what topics are most important to you as we further develop our quarterly check-in plans. Please expect an email from us in the coming weeks to learn more and to collect your input as we design our format.

Many of you have asked about what types of urgent off-mission needs we are most often asked to fill. We have compiled a complete list of the types of grants we have filled over the past 12 weeks. Our top three requested categories were utility payments, rent, and clothing for adults and children. Please feel free to click on the "What We Do" button below to learn more about our operations on our website.

Grant Requests To Date:



Clothing (kids and adults)





Household items


Medical expenses

Moving expenses


We would love to hear from you.

Please feel free to reach out and

share your feedback, ask questions,

or just say hello.

We are here to help.

Pam and Steve

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