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Spring 2024 Newsletter

Hello Friends, Supporters, and Partners!

If you read one email today, please read this! We at The One By One Project value your support, and we know how important it is to be transparent about the work we are doing in our community. This year has been extremely challenging, and we understand the breadth of our work could not have happened without your support. Here's how YOUR impact makes a difference.


Headlines from our impact this year

(so far- it's only May!)

In 2024, thanks to your support, we continued to make a substantial impact in Greater Boston. The One By One Project fills urgent off-mission gaps quickly, without red tape, and always within 24-48 hours. Top areas of support (so far!) this year include:


We help prevent evictions and foreclosures for families within 24-48 hours of receiving a request from a partner organization, helping families to remain housed. We also provide urgent hotel stays as unhoused families await shelter placement. We have paid 24 housing requests in 2024 and over 210 housing requests since 2021.

Utility Assistance 

We keep the lights on and the heat running.  By quickly paying outstanding utility bills, we have prevented 15+ utility shut-offs this year and over 180 shut-offs since 2021.


By assisting with car repairs, we keep cars on the road, allowing parents to get their children to school and daycare and get themselves to work and to critical appointments. This year, we have paid over 30 bills to assist with transportation.

Essential Needs 

From children's supplies and grocery gift cards to household essentials, we've filled over 115 requests in 2024 within 24-48 hours for assistance that falls outside the typical missions of our partner organizations.

Key Statistics

Giving by Category in 2024


Spotlight: Trust-Based Giving- The story of a local family in crisis

A partner non-profit recently reached out for help for a family of three—two adults and a child with special needs who became homeless after leaving their residence due to severe health code violations that jeopardized their daughter's health. Over the past year, they have relied on the hospitality of friends and temporary stays in motels, funded sparingly through their limited resources. With all options exhausted and facing nights in their car, they urgently needed help.  Our partner reached out to us, and within hours, we paid the bill for a week-long hotel stay, providing the family with a temporary solution. This crucial support allowed the family time to pursue emergency shelter placement, hopefully helping to move them toward a more stable future.


Introducing @TheHeart Giving Circle

We are excited to announce the launch of our @TheHeart Giving Circle, which aims to open our partner waitlist, extend our reach, and deepen our impact through significant community contributions. Members of The @TheHeart Giving Circle will directly fund essential services like housing, utilities, food insecurity, and more.

Joining @TheHeart means:

$5,000 can cover vital car repairs for

eight families.

$10,000 helps ensure that fifteen families

can keep their homes warm during the winter.

$25,000 can help prevent eviction for 20 families,

providing stability in turbulent times.

Every donation fills an urgent gap. 100% of donated funds are passed back into the Greater Boston community.


How You Can Help


Donations at any level help us keep our programs running and expand our reach. 100% of donated funds are passed back into the Greater Boston community.


Tell your friends and family about our work and the difference their support can make.  Follow us on IG and LinkedIn.

Consider becoming a founding member of our giving circle to make a significant impact in Greater Boston.


Thank you for being a part of our community of supporters. Your commitment enables us to continue our work, one act of kindness at a time.


With Gratitude,

Pam and Steve Rosenberg

Co-Founders, The One By One Project

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