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Month Two Milestones- 175% Increase in Dollars Funded

The One By One Project announces updates and milestones from our second full month of operation. In March we added four new partners to The One By One Project's partner community. To date, we have partnered with a total of 15 Greater Boston non-profits across a broad range of critical missions to support their urgent out-of-scope funding needs.

Since our first grant on January 30th, 2021, we have funded a total of 37 grant requests across our partner non-profits for individuals and families in need. This represents 25 new grants funded in the past five weeks. For all requests, our turnaround time remains 24-48 hours from initial request to approval and payment processing. Grants we funded in this timeframe include help with groceries, household items, baby supplies, utilities, clothing, housing, and cell phone/internet provider bills.

Each grant request we receive tells a story about the struggles and the resilience of individuals in our Greater Boston community. These stories are brought to us by our network of amazing non-profit partners. In March, we were honored to add Horizons for Homeless Children to our partnership program. At Horizons for Homeless Children, we work with Ayesha Rodriguez, Director of Family Partnerships, and her team of Family Advocates. Ayesha shared, "We recognize that supporting the family has everything to do with their future success. We work directly with parents to coach and mentor them as they identify and develop their personal strengths.” “The One by One Project has partnered with us to help several of our families overcome immediate financial hurdles they were facing. Thanks to their investments, we’re seeing families continue to move forward on their journey toward establishing a permanent home for their family.”

The challenges and the stories of success at Horizons for Homeless Children continue to inspire us with each additional grant request.

We see you.

The one-off need adds up. We are here to help.

To see a complete list of our partners, please check out our website at

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