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One Month- Grants, Partners, and Milestones!

The One By One Project is excited to share updates and milestones from our first month of operation. To date, we are honored to have partnered with eleven Greater Boston non-profits across a broad range of critical missions to support their urgent out-of-scope funding needs.

In our first weeks of operation, we funded twelve grant requests across our partner non-profits for individuals and families in need. For all requests, our turnaround time has been 24-48 hours from initial request to approval and payment processing. Grants we have funded include help with utilities, housing, cell phone bills, medical expenses, and transportation.

Each conversation we have with new and potential non-profit partners provides greater insights into where we can best help to fill gaps in funding needs that so often fall through the cracks. We are enormously grateful for the feedback, insights, and overwhelming support of the Greater Boston non-profit community. Liz Hart, Executive Director of Tailored for Success told us, "So many times we as nonprofit leaders see an unmet need and do a little mission creeping to fill it. Having a resource to help those who need it and for us to stay within our mission is great."

We see you.

The one-off need adds up. We are here to help.

To see a complete list of our partners, please check out our website at

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