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Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Hi Friends and AMAZING Supporters,

It’s The One By One Project here in the FINAL STRETCH of our ONE WEEK Summer Fundraiser Challenge. We have NOT YET MET OUR GOAL. Please consider supporting us by donating. Need some inspiration? Take a listen to this short video starring YouthConnect- a program of Boys & Girls Club of Boston! YouthConnect supports young people who have been involved with the criminal justice system. The incredible team at YouthConnect provides support for violence prevention, intervention, advocacy, and mental health services.

Today’s two-minute video features Kevan Barton, Executive Director at YouthConnect. Kevan talks about the importance of The One By One Project’s trust-based giving model. What’s trust-based giving?? It’s pretty simple and VERY effective. We trust our partners to vet their off-mission needs. They tell us why the need is dire and how The One By One Project’s funds could help. We take it from there. Within 24 hours, we pay the bill for the person or family in need.

How can you help?

Please DONATE!! WE HAVE NOT YET MET OUR GOAL- WE NEED YOUR HELP. If we add 100 donors during our one-week Summer Fundraiser Challenge, June 20-27th, we will unlock a $30,000 donation from a local donor! Donations of any size help us meet our goal.

Please visit our fundraising wall and leave us a note, a love letter, a funny joke, and/or just DONATE!

Thank you!!

With Gratitude,

Pam and Steve Rosenberg


The One By One Project

100% of all donated funds are passed back into the Greater Boston community we support. No donor funds are used for administrative or overhead expenses.

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