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The One By One Project Provides Support for 100+ Families in Greater Boston

Since making our first grant on January 30, 2021, The One By One Project has experienced an ever-increasing demand for urgent off-mission funding from our greater Boston non-profit partners. As our partners support their communities, they are so often faced with funding needs that fall outside their mission. We are here to help.

Nearly every day we receive requests for funds for a crisis situation.

The One By One Project is proud to announce that we have paid 117 requests for funds over the past 7.5 months. These funds fill financial gaps for families and individuals that if left unpaid often lead to a larger crisis. Recently our funds helped to avoid utility shut-offs, allowed families to move to safer and more stable living accommodations, provided laptops for families to pursue online academic and career goals, and funded back-to-school support in the form of supplies and clothing.

Because most requests provide urgent relief, The One By One Project reviews needs and makes payment within 24-48 hours. We work quickly in an effort to help alleviate stress in a timely manner for families and individuals.

We recently received a note from partner Molly Zuker, Chief of Strategy and Innovation at Boston Community Pediatrics. She wrote, "Your process was lightning quick, as easy as could be, and person-centered in the most dignified way". Molly's words remind us that every request for funds tells a story of struggle and of success.

We aim to help make the path forward just a bit easier.

The one-off need adds up. We are here to help.

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