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Plummer Youth Promise: Lalu's Story

The One By One Project recently partnered with Plummer Youth Promise, a non-profit in Salem, MA that provides residential and non-residential child welfare services to at-risk youth. One youth who has benefited from Plummer Youth Promise is Lalu, age 21, a young refugee from Burma.

The One By One Project is proud to play a small part in the next phase of Lalu's journey. The One By One Project covered the funds for airfare to Arizona for Lalu to meet his extended family and to see his possible new home. The One By One Project is rooting for Lalu as he embarks on the next part of his journey. Haley Rodgers, Director of Development & Communications at Plummer Youth Promise explains:

"Lalu’s time in Plummer’s care is coming to an end. In a matter of months, he will turn 22 and age out of the child welfare system. After all that he has been through in his short life, the thing we want most for Lalu is to leave our care to a safe, stable, loving forever family that will help guide and support him throughout his life. We are so grateful to the One by One Project for sponsoring Lalu’s trip to Arizona to build lasting, permanent connections with his family and explore what could be his new home!”

In these trying times, we are honored to part of a story that stands for hope. We are proud to help in even a small way as Lalu ages out of the child welfare system. To watch a short video from Plummer Youth Promise about Lalu, click here.

The one-off need adds up. We are here to help.

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