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The One By One Project Responds to Growing Need for Urgent Funds

Since making our first grant on January 30, 2021, The One By One Project has experienced a steady increase in funding requests from our non-profit partners for their urgent off-mission needs. While our dedicated partners tirelessly support their communities, they are oftentimes unable to provide financial assistance for one-off/off-mission needs. To date, The One By One Project has paid 78 requests to fill gaps that would otherwise fall through the cracks. Our partners tell us that funding for these basic and urgent needs often provides much-needed stability and improves the opportunity for families and individuals to move forward. In the past quarter, our most requested categories for urgent support include spiraling utility payments, housing support (rent, hotels, and other housing), and clothing and supplies for adults and children.

Each of our 78 funding requests tells a story. Across our 21 partners, we have seen the struggles and aspirations of individuals and families within the Greater Boston community. We have learned that every request holds the opportunity to offer relief and to help provide a path forward. We have funded classes so that single mothers can gain a certification that will lead to a higher-paying job. We have helped with laptops so families in shelters can better manage online schools for moms and kids alike. We have helped dads and their children to have a safe place to sleep and food for their families while they find a more permanent solution. From strollers and microwaves to cookware and clothing, we have seen that the need for the most basic support remains high and is relentless. As we continue to add partners and to support urgent funding needs, it is the important stories of the people we have helped to support that drive us to do more and that remind us that our work has only just begun. Above all, we honor the dedication and commitment of our amazing non-profit partners.

The one-off need adds up. We are here to help.

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